XSL-FO 1.1 Compliance

The following tables summarizes the level of compliance with Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.1, a W3C Recommendation 05 December 2006 . Minus sign in the "Implemented" column denotes a feature that is not applicable for one of the supported output formats (PDF, Postscript, GIF, JPG, etc.).

In addition, you may also want to check out the list of XSL-FO Extensions supported by both Ecrion Omni System and XF Rendering Server.

Learn more about what a standards compliant solution means to your organization.

Object Name Implemented Tutorial Examples in XSL-FO Tutorials XSL Version
Declarations and Pagination and Layout Formatting Objects
fo:root yes Hello World
fo:declarations yes
fo:color-profile yes ICC Profiles
fo:page-sequence yes Pagination
fo:page-sequence-wrapper no v.1.1
fo:layout-master-set yes
fo:page-sequence-master yes
fo:single-page-master-reference yes
fo:repeatable-page-master-reference yes
fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives yes
fo:conditional-page-master-reference yes
fo:simple-page-master yes
fo:region-body yes Pagination
fo:region-before yes
fo:region-after yes
fo:region-start yes
fo:region-end yes
fo:region-name-specifier yes v.1.1
fo:flow yes Flow Layout
fo:flow-map yes v.1.1
fo:flow-assignment yes v.1.1
fo:flow-source-list yes v.1.1
fo:flow-name-specifier yes v.1.1
fo:flow-target-list yes v.1.1
fo:static-content yes
fo:title yes
fo:extension-region-start yes v.2.0
fo:extension-region-end yes v.2.0
Block Formatting Objects
fo:block yes Paragraphs
Bookmarks Formatting Objects
fo:bookmark-tree yes
fo:bookmark yes
fo:bookmark-title yes
Inline Formatting Objects
fo:bidi-override yes
fo:character yes
fo:initial-property-set no v.1.1
fo:external-graphic yes External Graphics
fo:scaling-value-citation no v.1.1
fo:instream-foreign-object yes SVG
fo:inline yes Inline Text Formatting
fo:inline-container yes
fo:index-page-number-prefix yes v.1.1
fo:index-page-number-suffix yes v.1.1
fo:index-range-begin yes v.1.1
fo:index-range-end yes v.1.1
fo:index-key-reference yes v.1.1
fo:index-page-citation-list yes v.1.1
fo:index-page-citation-list-separator yes v.1.1
fo:index-page-citation-range-separator yes v.1.1
fo:leader yes Leaders
fo:page-number yes Page Numbers
fo:folio-number yes v.1.1
fo:folio-prefix yes v.1.1
fo:folio-suffix yes v.1.1
fo:page-number-citation yes
fo:page-number-citation-last yes v.1.1
Table Formatting Objects
fo:table-and-caption yes
fo:table yes Tables
fo:table-column yes Table Columns
fo:table-caption yes
fo:table-header yes
fo:table-footer yes
fo:table-body yes
fo:table-row yes
fo:table-cell yes
List Formatting Objects
fo:list-block yes Lists
fo:list-item yes
fo:list-item-body yes
fo:list-item-label yes
Link and Multi Formatting Objects
fo:basic-link yes Hyperlinks
fo:multi-switch -
fo:multi-case -
fo:multi-toggle -
fo:multi-properties -
fo:multi-property-set -
Out-of-line Formatting Objects
fo:float yes Floats
fo:footnote yes Footnotes
fo:footnote-body yes
fo:marginalia-body no v.2.0
Other Formatting Objects
fo:wrapper yes
fo:marker yes Markers
fo:retrieve-marker yes
fo:retrieve-table-marker yes v.1.1
fo:change-bar-begin no
fo:change-bar-end no
Property Name Implemented Tutorial Examples in XSL-FO Tutorial
Common Accessibility Properties
source-document no
role -
Common Absolute Position Properties
absolute-position yes Absolute Positioning
top yes
right yes
bottom yes
left yes
Common Aural Properties
azimuth -
cue-after -
cue-before -
elevation -
pause-after -
pause-before -
pitch -
pitch-range -
play-during -
richness -
speak -
speak-header -
speak-numeral -
speak-punctuation -
speech-rate -
stress -
voice-family -
volume -
Common Border, Padding, and Background Properties
background-attachment -
background-color yes Backgrounds
background-image yes
background-repeat yes
background-position-horizontal yes
background-position-vertical yes
border-before-color yes Borders
border-before-style yes
border-before-width yes
border-after-color yes
border-after-style yes
border-after-width yes
border-start-color yes
border-start-style yes
border-start-width yes
border-end-color yes
border-end-style yes
border-end-width yes
border-top-color yes
border-top-style yes
border-top-width yes
border-bottom-color yes
border-bottom-style yes
border-bottom-width yes
border-left-color yes
border-left-style yes
border-left-width yes
border-right-color yes
border-right-style yes
border-right-width yes
padding-before yes
padding-after yes
padding-start yes
padding-end yes
padding-top yes
padding-bottom yes
padding-left yes
padding-right yes
Common Font Properties
font-family yes Fonts
font-selection-strategy yes
font-size yes
font-stretch yes
font-size-adjust no
font-style yes
font-variant yes
font-weight yes
Common Hyphenation Properties
country no
language yes
script no
hyphenate yes
hyphenation-character yes
hyphenation-push-character-count yes
hyphenation-remain-character-count yes
Common Margin Properties - Block
margin-top yes
margin-bottom yes
margin-left yes
margin-right yes
space-before yes Paragraphs
space-after yes
start-indent yes Indentation
end-indent yes
Common Margin Properties - Inline
margin-top yes
margin-bottom yes
margin-left yes
margin-right yes
space-before yes
space-after yes
space-end yes
space-start yes
Common Relative Position Properties
bottom yes
left yes
relative-position no
right yes
top yes
Area Alignment Properties
alignment-adjust yes
alignment-baseline yes
baseline-shift yes Subscripts and Superscripts
display-align yes Pagination
dominant-baseline no
relative-align no
Area Dimension Properties
allowed-height-scale no
allowed-width-scale no
block-progression-dimension yes
content-height yes External Graphics
content-width yes
height yes Tables
inline-progression-dimension yes
max-height yes
max-width yes
min-height yes
min-width yes
scaling yes
scaling-method yes Scaling is performed using a bicubic resampling algorithm.
width yes Absolute Positioning
Block and Line-related Properties
hyphenation-keep no
hyphenation-ladder-count no
last-line-end-indent no
line-height yes Fonts
line-height-shift-adjustment yes
line-stacking-strategy yes
linefeed-treatment yes
white-space-treatment yes
text-align yes Text Alignment
text-align-last yes
text-indent yes
white-space-collapse yes
wrap-option yes
Character Properties
character yes
letter-spacing yes
suppress-at-line-break no
text-decoration yes
text-shadow no
text-transform yes
treat-as-word-space no
word-spacing no
Color-related Properties
color yes
color-profile-name yes ICC Profiles
rendering-intent no
Float-related Properties
clear no
float yes Floats
intrusion-displace no
Keeps and Breaks Properties
break-after yes
break-before yes
keep-together yes Flow Layout
keep-with-next yes
keep-with-previous yes
orphans yes
widows yes
Layout-related Properties
clip no
overflow yes Tables
reference-orientation yes Pagination
span yes
Leader and Rule Properties
leader-alignment yes
leader-pattern yes Leaders
leader-pattern-width yes
leader-length yes
rule-style yes
rule-thickness yes
Properties for Dynamic Effects Formatting Objects
active-state -
auto-restore -
case-name -
case-title -
destination-placement-offset no
external-destination yes Hyperlinks
indicate-destination -
internal-destination yes Leaders
show-destination -
starting-state -
switch-to -
target-presentation-context -
target-processing-context -
target-stylesheet -
Properties for Indexing
index-class yes
index-key yes
merge-pages-across-index-key-references yes
merge-ranges-across-index-key-references yes
merge-sequential-page-numbers yes
page-number-treatment no
ref-index-key yes
Properties for Markers
marker-class-name yes Markers
retrieve-class-name yes
retrieve-position yes
retrieve-boundary yes
retrieve-position-within-table yes
retrieve-boundary-within-table yes
Properties for Number to String Conversion
format yes
grouping-separator no
grouping-size no
letter-value no
Pagination and Layout Properties
blank-or-not-blank yes
column-count yes Footnotes
column-gap yes Pagination
extent yes
flow-map-reference yes
flow-name yes Flow Layout
flow-name-reference yes
force-page-count yes
initial-page-number yes
master-name yes Hello World
master-reference yes
maximum-repeats yes
media-usage -
odd-or-even yes
page-height yes Hello World
page-position yes
page-width yes
precedence yes Pagination
region-name yes Footnotes
region-name-reference yes
distance yes
marginalia-destination-area yes
marginalia-relative-align no
Table Properties
border-after-precedence no
border-before-precedence no
border-collapse yes Tables
border-end-precedence no
border-separation no
border-start-precedence no
caption-side no
column-number yes
column-width yes Tables
empty-cells no
ends-row yes
number-columns-repeated yes
number-columns-spanned yes
number-rows-spanned yes
starts-row yes
table-layout yes Both fixed and auto table layout algorithms are supported.
table-omit-footer-at-break yes
table-omit-header-at-break yes
Writing-mode-related Properties
direction yes
glyph-orientation-horizontal no
glyph-orientation-vertical no
text-altitude no
text-depth no Floats
unicode-bidi no
writing-mode no
Miscellaneous Properties
change-bar-class no
change-bar-color no
change-bar-offset no
change-bar-placement no
change-bar-style no
change-bar-width no
content-type no
id yes Miscellaneous Inline Elements
provisional-label-separation yes
provisional-distance-between-starts yes
ref-id yes
score-spaces no
src yes
visibility yes
z-index yes
Shorthand Properties
background yes Backgrounds
background-position yes
border yes Borders
border-bottom yes
border-color yes
border-left yes
border-right yes
border-style yes
border-spacing no
border-top yes
border-width yes
cue -
font yes Fonts
keep-together yes
margin yes
padding yes Tables
page-break-after yes
page-break-before yes
page-break-inside yes
pause -
position yes Absolute Positioning
size no
text-decoration yes
vertical-align yes
white-space yes
xml:lang no