Document Production Workflows

EOS-DA introduces document production workflows for handling more complex document production scenarios. 

  • Workflows can be used to produce both individual documents and print streams with multiple documents concatenated into one.
  • More complex documents can be produced, for example you can assemble documents from multiple parts, digital and electronic signatures can be applied, etc.
  • Workflows can be triggered to produce docuemnts automatically when an event occurs or scheduled at predefined intervals.

Print Streams and Document Assembly

Individual documents (letters, invoices, statements, etc.) can be merged into large print streams that can be sent directly to a print shop or to high volume printer. Multiple documents can be grouped together according to different criteria (for example number of pages, ZIP code, etc.). At last overlay and imposition can be performed. 

EOS-DA can generate print streams in AFP (with complete support for TLEs and NOPs as well as font embedding), Postscript and PDF.


All assets involved in the document production, for examples branding, images, styles, templates, etc. are stored in a versionable repository. During document production and document assembly, the relevant assets are selected from the repository in order to produced personalized documents.