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Plot the customer journey and engage customers at the right time in order to influence their decisions. Ecrion Engage provides at-a-glance visibility to support better decisions and genuine connections with your audiences.

Engage Customers at Every Step of the Customer Journey

What if it were possible to understand exactly what made a customer buy? To pinpoint the exact number and type of touchpoints or transactions that it takes not just to engage existing customers, but to convert a prospect to a customer?

Ecrion Engage can help business strategists plot the customer journey and engage customers at the right time in order to influence their decisions. Ecrion Engage provides at-a-glance visibility to support better decisions and genuine connections with your audiences.

Data Fusion

Connect data sources across steps in a journey and entire journeys to create a unified view of a customer.

Journey Design & Planning

Create a repository of data-driven journey maps for analysis to model future behaviors and measure interaction.

Journey Testing & Optimization

Test journey hypotheses, measure results, and optimize future interactions across journeys.

Journey Automation & Orchestration

Predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities for automating interactions in near real time.

Key Features

Actionable Customer Journey

With live, end-to-end analytics and a 360-degree view of the customer, you can quickly identify and remedy gaps and pitfalls along the customer journey. Connect documents, in-person visits, statements, invoices, and milestones to every touchpoint along the customer journey.


Bring together the diverse roles and skill sets required to generate a unified company voice for every customer engagement. Empower teamwork across the entire organization: technical staff; marketing staff; content writers; customer service agents; order fulfillment staff; analysts; and operations managers.


Whether you’re looking to create professional communications or want to delve into the insights that BI analysis provides, you must start with good data. Ecrion Engage features a visual, logical, and easy-to-use interface that can easily connect to any data source and quickly generate a uniform output to power the dynamic document generation and BI activities that businesses demand.


Empower your customers through self-service while reducing the strain on your support team. Self-service can be plugged into your current ecosystem, and will build customer engagement and satisfaction by allowing them to receive what they want, when they want it, and on what channel they wish to receive it.

Review and Approval

Reduce risk and ensure on-target messaging by approving correspondence before it goes out to the customer. Checks and balances ensure compliance and regulations are met and maintained. Error-free contracts and billing are key.

Measure ROI

Tie revenue and accountability to specific campaigns while streamlining teams and processes, demonstrating the true value of the marketing contribution model. By utilizing real-time data, you will gain greater insight by seeing the world through your customers' eyes.

“Like a master carpenter, a software developer also has his/her ‘toolbox’ that they bring along with them; products which have been used in the past that are excellent in quality and are exceptional in performance. They become the indispensable tools-of-the-trade and once found are kept close at hand at all times. Your product is one of those indispensable tools.”

— Jeff Tallent - Summit County Ohio
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The Customer Journey

Ecrion Engage enables you to deliver next-generation electronic communications and engage with customers along every step of their journey. Design and build multiple customer journey paths with ease, view end-to-end analytics, and deliver beautiful, multi-channel documents to your customers with a few clicks.

Are You Engaging the Right Customers at the Right Time?

At every stage of the customer journey are multiple opportunities to engage in conversations and connect with your customers.



Automate enrollment and reduce costs.


Welcome and delight new customers.



Huge volumes, omni-channel delivery, and personalized.

Correspondence and Letters

Personalized, interactive, and ad-hoc. Contracts and Legal Automate document assembly and delivery.


Marketing and Promotions

Reward customers, build loyalty, and generate revenue.


Give a voice to your customers and engage in 2-way communication.



Empower your best customers to carry out your message.

Loyalty Programs

Create lifelong customers.

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