Ecrion Develop
Build Software with Advanced Document Production Features.

Integrate powerful document production capabilities into your products or services. Ecrion Develop fits into your current ecosystem to help produce documents in very high volumes, in real-time, from any data.

A Complete Document Production and Assembly Platform Built for Systems Integrators and Developers

Purpose-Built for Developers

Ecrion Develop provides a full set of features to support system integrators and software engineers in building systems that need complex and reliable document production capabilities. Ecrion Develop provides real-time production capabilities for many critical systems in aviation, government, insurance, and other demanding environments. This includes high-volume document automation and assembly, template versions, and security and encryption.

Quickly integrate our proven platform designed for scalability and high availability with legacy systems. Ecrion Develop lets you spend your development time on product improvements and ship them faster.

Rendering Engine

Enterprise class rendering engine for XML to PDF, JSON to PDF, & 20+ output formats. Ecrion uses public standards.

Visual Templates

Improve efficiency and eliminate errors by supporting business rules, integration with existing business processes.

Cloud or On-Premise

Flexible deployments and licensing designed to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Key Features

Visual Design and Collaboration

Create personalized engagements from any data source using a comprehensive set of professional publishing features. Collaborate as a team on a wide range of dynamic communications and applications, including letters, invoices, statements, product catalogs, and more.

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Accommodate the demands of your organization today and grow with the needs of tomorrow. The Ecrion platform was designed from the ground up to reliably generate high volumes of documents and communications across multiple channels without the need to break large jobs into small batches.

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Flexible data integration for easier document generation. Both SQL and NoSQL data sources are supported, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and more, as well as Web Services, Excel, text files, Hadoop, XML – even custom data sources.

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Standards Compliant

Compliance with public standards reduces the chance of vendor lock-in and increases integrations. Our platform is compliant with several standards, including: XSL-FO, PDF, SVG, OOXML and AFP.

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Live Code Samples

Insurance, financial, telecom, and many other industry sectors leverage the documents produced by our platform to engage with their customers. Here is a small set of sample documents that can be produced with the Ecrion platform.

Convert XML to PDF

The code sample uses the API to convert XML to PDF using a template stored on the server. An XML string is sent to the Ecrion server and a PDF is received back.

Convert JSON to PDF

The code sample uses the API to convert JSON to PDF using a template stored on the server. A JSON is sent to the Ecrion server and a PDF is received back.

Merge Multiple Documents

The code sample uses the API to merge a document package stored on the server to a single PDF.

Convert XSL-FO to PDF

The code sample uses the API to convert XSL-FO to PDF. An XSL-FO string is sent to the Ecrion server and a PDF is received back.

“I have to say that overall Ecrion has blown me away with its quality, speed, and ease of programming.”

— Paul Vanderveen - InfoTrust Incorporated
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