We are impressed about the performance of your product. XF Rendering Server is the right product for us.
— Diethard Kumpf - Dimari
I have to say that overall Ecrion’s XF Rendering Server has blown me away with its quality, speed, and ease of programming.
— Paul Vanderveen - InfoTrust Incorporated
Our opinion regarding Ecrion and XF Rendering Server: Great product and great service!
— Jack Fitzpatrick - Audatex
You always provided us with excellent support. We are very satisfied with your product.
— Dan Claësson - Kanflo IT
I appreciate your guys’ continual support. I have no doubt of your customer service. I honestly can say that you are one of the better vendors I have worked with. Thank you for your continuous great customer service.
— Troy Lucht - Communication Components
Like a master carpenter, a software developer also has his/her “toolbox” that they bring along with them, products which have been used in the past that are excellent in quality and are exceptional in performance. They become the indispensable tools-of-the-trade and once found are kept close at hand at all times. Your product is one of those indispensable tools.
— Jeff Tallent - Summit County Ohio
I must say that we are very impressed by the tech/sales support we have gotten from your organization.
— Scott Scheflin - DocuStep
The level of technical support that we have received during our evaluation of your product was definitely a factor in our decision to purchase XF Rendering Server Enterprise Edition.
— Gary L. Priest - Equity National
Thank you very much for your help and your great software! Your server tool has been a great asset for our production.
— Adam White - Postcard Services
First of all, you guys have provided an EXCELLENT example of customer service. I’m very impressed with your feedback and your willingness to develop a solution that will meet our needs, even before any purchase of your product. Thank you very much for your effort!
— Jayson Vincent - Accident Fund
Your XSL-FO rendering engine is the best match to our needs!
— Sergei Nikolaev - Versonix Inc. Company
I am impressed with the performance with your XF Rendering Server.
— Jack Lou - Datamail Ltd.
Thanks for all the work you have done so far. We are very much impressed with your commitment.
— Neel Nagarajan - Dell
XF Designer is easier to use than Altova.
— Liliana Ivan - RMB Asset Management