Company Profile

Ecrion is an innovative company specializing in the in-house development of technology designed to help organizations leverage their data to produce powerful customer communications and perform in-depth internal and external BI analysis. Our technology, combined with our team of experts, helps organizations take data from across the enterprise and use it to dynamically drive document production and develop comprehensive, real-time BI analysis and reporting.

Ecrion’s suite of products includes visual, easy-to-use design applications, and the most powerful aggregation, publishing, and analytics engines available. With more than 1,000 customers worldwide, Ecrion solutions have the proven functionality and agility to help organizations across industries and revenue bands to transform mission critical challenges into drivers of value and efficiency.

Commitment to Innovation

Our products offer a full range of solutions, from desktop to server, local, or virtual. You will discover that we offer hundreds of useful features, and all of our products are extremely powerful, functional, scalable, and easy to implement and use.

Ecrion products provide some of the most unique and innovative features on the market. They are designed and implemented to help our customers gain an advantage over their competition, to empower people across their organizations, and to facilitate a seamless integration with our products.


  • We reduce the learning curve and development time by providing easy-to-use, visual tools
  • Scalability and performance are core attributes built in every product we develop
  • All of our products deliver a full set of features which equal or exceed competing products in the same market segment


At Ecrion, we believe software should provide you with choices that let you find the solution best suited to your business needs. Therefore, we customize and implement new features required by our customers.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing high quality software at a reasonable price. Differentiating ourselves through excellent technical support and sensitivity to our customers' needs is a constant objective and priority. Most companies see technical support and customer service as cost centers. We look at them as tools for our growth. Ecrion provides continual after-sales service. Ask our customers, they know. It is a community of users that we are proud to have!